Uses of Class

Packages that use TraceChannel
com.gargoylesoftware.base.gui Classes that are UI related. 
com.gargoylesoftware.base.trace Classes involving tracing (error logging) 

Uses of TraceChannel in com.gargoylesoftware.base.gui

Methods in com.gargoylesoftware.base.gui that return TraceChannel
 TraceChannel TableLayout.getTraceChannel()
          Return the trace channel.
 TraceChannel ReflectedTableModel.getTraceChannel()
          Return the channel currently being used for tracing or null if tracing is disabled.

Methods in com.gargoylesoftware.base.gui with parameters of type TraceChannel
 void TableLayout.setTraceChannel(TraceChannel channel)
          Set the trace channel used for printing diagnostic information.
 void ReflectedTableModel.setTraceChannel(TraceChannel channel)
          Set the channel to be used for tracing.

Uses of TraceChannel in com.gargoylesoftware.base.trace

Fields in com.gargoylesoftware.base.trace declared as TraceChannel
static TraceChannel Trace.out
          The equivilent of "standard out"
static TraceChannel Trace.err
          The equivilent of "standard error"

Methods in com.gargoylesoftware.base.trace that return TraceChannel
 TraceChannel TraceItem.getChannel()
          Return the channel.
 TraceChannel TraceController.getDefaultChannel()
          Return the default channel

Methods in com.gargoylesoftware.base.trace with parameters of type TraceChannel
static void TraceUtil.trace(TraceChannel channel, Collection collection)
          Dump a collection to the specified TraceChannel.
static void TraceUtil.trace(TraceChannel channel, Map collection)
          Dump a map to the specified TraceChannel.
static void TraceUtil.trace(TraceChannel channel, Object[] array)
          Dump an object array to the specified TraceChannel.
 void TraceController.setDefaultChannel(TraceChannel channel)
          Set the default channel.
static void Trace.print(TraceChannel channel, String string)
          Print a line to the specified channel.
static void Trace.println(TraceChannel channel, String string)
          Print the line to the specified channel with a new line at the end.
static void Trace.printStackTrace(TraceChannel channel, Throwable throwable)
          Print the stack trace to the specified channel.
static void Trace.printLines(TraceChannel channel, String[] lines)
          Print the specified lines to the trace channel.
static void Trace.whereAmI(TraceChannel channel)
          Print a stack trace to show where we came from.

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