Package com.gargoylesoftware.base.gui

Classes that are UI related.


Interface Summary
ComponentLoader An object that knows how to load a component.
DelayedComponentLoaderListener A listener for DelayedComponentLoader events

Class Summary
AbstractUIController An abstract superclass for GUI controller classes.
DefaultComponentLoader A default implementation of ComponentLoader that uses reflection to instantiate components.
DelayedComponentLoaderEvent An event that describes changes to a DelayedComponentLoader.
DelayedComponentLoaderPanel A panel that supports delayed loading of its contents.
ReflectedAction A swing "action" that uses reflection to find and invoke a given target method.
ReflectedTableModel A table model that uses reflection to retrieve values out of the row objects.
ReflectedTableModel.ColumnInfo This class contains information about one specific column in the table.
TableLayout The TableLayout lays out items based on a table of rows and columns.
TableLayoutConstraints This object contains all the constraints that apply to a specific component inside a TableLayout.
TableLayoutDebuggingPanel A special panel that when used with a TableLayout, will draw all the table cell boundaries.
ThrowablePanel A panel that can display an exception stack trace.
WorkerTask A task that partially executes on a non-ui thread and partially on the ui thread.

Package com.gargoylesoftware.base.gui Description

Classes that are UI related. Usually swing based

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