Package com.gargoylesoftware.base.testing

Classes that are useful during testing


Interface Summary
TestFilter An object that can filter out tests before they are inserted into a test suite

Class Summary
AcceptAllTestFilter A test filter that accepts all tests
BaseTestCase An extension of junit.framework.TestCase that adds those methods that we really wish were part of JUnit.
EqualsTester EqualsTester is used to test the equals contract on objects.
EventCatcher A testing class for catching and logging events.
EventCatcherRecord Information about a single event that was caught by an EventCatcher
OrderedTestSuite This class allows you to specify the order that test methods will execute in and yet still retain the ability to have test methods found via reflection.
RecursiveTestSuite A launching point for executing test cases.
SampleBean A simple bean class that can be used for testing purposes.
TestUtil Utility methods dealing with JUnit testing.

Exception Summary
TestInitializationFailedException A exception that will be thrown when a test is unable to initialize

Package com.gargoylesoftware.base.testing Description

Classes that are useful during testing

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