Class OrderedTestSuite

  extended byjunit.framework.TestSuite
      extended bycom.gargoylesoftware.base.testing.OrderedTestSuite
All Implemented Interfaces:

public final class OrderedTestSuite
extends junit.framework.TestSuite

This class allows you to specify the order that test methods will execute in and yet still retain the ability to have test methods found via reflection.

Generally, when you want to specify the order that tests will be run, you write code that looks like this.

 public static Test suite() {
     final TestSuite suite = new TestSuite();
     suite.addTest( new FooTest("testOne") );
     suite.addTest( new FooTest("testTwo") );
     return suite;
The problem with this approach is that when testThree() is written, if it isn't added to the suite method, it won't get executed.

Using OrderedTestSuite, you write code like this:

 public static Test suite() {
     return new OrderedTestSuite(FooTest.class, new String[]{"testOne", "testTwo"});
testOne() and testTwo() will be executed in order just as in the first example. The difference is that OrderedTestSuite will use reflection to find other methods starting with test and will execute them. This means that if you write testThree but forget to add it to suite() then it will still get executed, albeit not in a defined order.

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Mike Bowler

Constructor Summary
OrderedTestSuite(Class clazz, String[] methodNames)
          Create an instance of this test suite
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Constructor Detail


public OrderedTestSuite(Class clazz,
                        String[] methodNames)
Create an instance of this test suite

clazz - the class that we will use to get the individual tests. This must be a subclass of TestCase
methodNames - The names of any methods that must be tested in order

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