Release History

2.0.1 October 2, 2004
2.0 April 5, 2003
1.8 July 26, 2002

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Release 2.0.1 - October 2, 2004

update Added full license to all files. Previously, there had only been a copyright statement and a pointer to the full license. mbowler
update Fixed bug in EventCatcher where the test would fail if any events had methods that took arguments. mbowler
update Fixed bug in BaseTestCase.assertCollectionsEqual() where it could return false positives in cases where the first collection is a perfect subset of the second.. mbowler
update Fixed various javadoc warnings. mbowler

Release 2.0 - April 5, 2003

update Switched license from the LGPL to an apache style one. Due to the viral nature of the GPL/LGPL, many people weren't clear whether they could use this package in their projects. Since the intention has always been to make GSBase available to everyone, the license has been changed to something far less restrictive. mbowler
update Changed the build to use Mavenrather than Ant. This affects everything from the directory structure to the look of the generated documentation. mbowler
add New class SortedTableModel mbowler
add New class DetailedIllegalArgumentException mbowler
add New class DetailedNullPointerException mbowler
update Changed methods within gsbase to throw DetailedIllegalArgumentException instead of IllegalArgumentException and De tailedNullPointerException instead of NullPointerException. mbowler
update Changed parameter validation to throw DetailNullPointerExceptions on null values rather than the IllegalArgumentException that previously was being thrown in quite a few places. mbowler
add Added checkstyle target and started fixing up warnings identified by that. mbowler

Release 1.8 - July 26, 2002

add Added constructor to ResourceManager that takes a name mbowler
add Added constructor to JDBCResourceFactory that can disable the database check mbowler
update Improved method names in EventCatcher and provided some more convenience methods mbowler
update New class BaseTestCase mbowler
add New method TestUtil.appearsEqual(Object,Object) mbowler
add New method assertAppearsEqual(String,Object,Object) mbowler
add New method assertAppearsNotEqual(String,Object,Object) mbowler
add New method TestUtil.makeTest(Class) mbowler
add Added StringUtil.join(Collection,String) mbowler
update Fixed a couple of spots that should have been synchronized but weren't mbowler
update Changed all references to the deprecated to getName() mbowler