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Packages that use TraceItem
com.gargoylesoftware.base.trace Classes involving tracing (error logging) 

Uses of TraceItem in com.gargoylesoftware.base.trace

Methods in com.gargoylesoftware.base.trace that return TraceItem
 TraceItem TraceItemQueue.pop()
          Return the next item on the queue or null if the queue is empty
 TraceItem TraceItemDispatcher.getNewTraceItem()
          Return a trace item
 TraceItem TraceItem.getPrevItem()
          Return the previous item.
 TraceItem TraceItem.getNextItem()
          Return the next item.

Methods in com.gargoylesoftware.base.trace with parameters of type TraceItem
 void TraceWriter.write(TraceItem item)
          Handle a diagnostic message.
 void TraceItemQueue.push(TraceItem item)
 void TraceItemDispatcher.dispatch(TraceItem item)
          Add an item to the trace queue.
 void TraceItemDispatcher.disposeTraceItem(TraceItem item)
          Dispose of a trace item.
 void BashTraceWriter.write(TraceItem item)
          Write the specified item.

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